Notebooks 8.6.2 for iPad and iPhone

Here is another quick update to take care of a few issues. Corrections Addresses Dropbox connectivity issues when using mobile networks. Fixes a problem when searching the contents of PDF documents. Corrects layout glitches when using Notebooks in iOS split … Read more

Celebrating Notebooks’ 8th Anniversary

The iOS version of Notebooks is celebrating its 8th anniversary these days, something we are really proud of. Eight years ago the App Store was brand new with just a few thousand apps. Notebooks was one of them. Today, the … Read more

Notebooks 8.3.4 for iPad and iPhone

Another update containing a few improvements and corrections: Archive Done Tasks now reuses an existing archive instead of creating a new one every time. The first time you archive tasks in a list, Notebooks creates a document “Done Tasks”; if … Read more

Notebooks 8.3.3 for iPad and iPhone

This update contains improvements and corrections. The most visible ones are: We tweaked the page margins for plain text and Markdown documents. The preview of Markdown documents correctly strips Pandoc headers. ZIP archives show an improved table of contents. We … Read more

Notebooks 8.3.2 (Universal Version)

This update restores normal operation when using Notebooks on an iPad in fullscreen mode, with split view turned off. We want to apologize for the inconvenience caused by the previous version’s issue. We also want to thank those who provided … Read more