Notebooks 8.5 has just been released on the App Store. Here is what’s new and what has been improved.


  • New setting “Dark Theme for Documents” to present documents on dark background.
  • The list of books and documents displays titles in bold font on Retina displays.
  • The option to hide or show done tasks is now available from a task list’s action menu.
  • In formatted documents, shift-TAB outdents lists (that was impossible in earlier iOS versions).
  • GoodReader’s URLs can be opened from Notebooks documents again (‘gropen’ URL scheme).


  • “Add Photo from Link” option appears only if the pasteboard contains a valid URL.
  • When assigning context tags, the tags now appear in the same sort order that has been selected for the Contexts smart book.
  • When pasting contents from Apple Notes, Notebooks now makes sure to import contained images as well.


  • The list of recent items shows correct icons for regular documents in task lists.
  • Deleting custom background images from Notebooks’ “Papertype & Colors” settings works as expected.
Notebooks 8.5 for iPad and iPhone on the App Store

One thought on “Notebooks 8.5 for iPad and iPhone on the App Store

  • February 13, 2017 at 11:37 pm

    Hiding done tasks is a useful feature. Thank you!


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