Migrate Documents from Evernote to Notebooks

Notebooks for Mac 2.0 provides a very quick and convenient option to migrate documents from Evernote to Notebooks with just a few simple steps: Export your Evernote notes in .enex format. Move the exported file into Notebooks. You can do so by … Read more

Notebooks 8.10.11 for iPad and iPhone

Notebooks 8.10.11 addresses a few stability issues which were reported by our users. – Thank you for your feedback. Connections through WiFi Sharing no longer fail without any obvious reason. When using Notebooks’ dark theme, the cursor in the search … Read more

Notebooks 8.10.8 for iPad and iPhone

Notebooks 8.10.8 contains stability improvements and interface enhancements. When moving documents to different books, Notebooks takes even more care to move all embedded images as well. The situation that opening plain text documents could cause Notebooks to close has been … Read more

Notebooks for Mac 2 – Public Beta

Notebooks for Mac 2 has been rumored for a while – now things are getting tangible: Notebooks for Mac 2Public Beta Bringing Notebooks 2 to this level took longer than anticipated (isn’t it always like that?), and a few things need to be … Read more