Keyboard Shortcuts

When an external keyboard is connected to your iPad of iPhone, Notebooks provides a set of convenient set of keyboard shortcuts.

Keyboard Shortcuts for all Document Types

Shortcut Function
cmd-T insert time stamp
cmd-D insert current date
cmd-W toggle word- and character count
ctrl-cursor down scroll page down
ctrl-cursor up scroll page up
cmd-return stop editing, hide keyboard

Keyboard Shortcuts for Plain Text and Markdown

Shortcut Function
cmd-B insert Markdown code for bold
cmd-I insert Markdown code for italic
cmd-K insert Markdown code for strike through
cmd-tab outdent current selection
cmd-[ outdent current selection
cmd-] indent current selection
cmd-alt-v paste as Markdown

Keyboard Shortcuts for Formatted Documents

Shortcut Function
cmd-1-4 set heading 1-4
cmd-0 set default style
cmd-K strike through
cmd-R insert horizontal line
cmd-L toggle list style for current selection
Keyboard Shortcuts (iOS)