If Notebooks Lite has convinced you that Notebooks is your app, then you probably want to migrate documents from Notebooks Lite to Notebooks. You can accomplish this in a few simple steps:

In Notebooks Lite:

  • Move to the top level of Notebooks, tap the action button at the bottom of the screen and select Process > Compress; this creates a zip archive of all your documents.
  • Open the archive like a normal document and you see its table of contents. Now tap the action button, select Open in… and select Notebooks.

In Notebooks:

  • The last step in the above sequence should have opened Notebooks and imported your archive to its top level.
  • Open the archive (again, you see the table of contents), tap the action button and select Unzip.
  • When Notebooks is done unzipping the archive, you should find all your documents, books and tasks in Notebooks 7.

You can now use all the features which are disabled in Notebooks Lite, like

  • create an unlimited number of books
  • add as many documents to each book as you like
  • use synchronization via Dropbox and WebDAV
  • use Notebooks’ built in WiFi Sharing
  • import documents via iTunes and “Open in…”
  • turn your books and documents into eBooks
  • compile the contents of your books into a single, formatted document
Migrate Documents from Notebooks Lite to Notebooks