Superb note taking app

Notebooks is superb! I find it’s the app I reach for first when I’m doing anything with text. Simple to set up and use, it’s that simplicity that makes it so versatile, so versatile in fact that I’m using it … Read more

Long Form Writing

I use Notebooks for a lot of my writing. It’s especially helpful when I work on book projects, because long form writing takes an entirely different organizational style, which Notebooks readily supports.

Blows Microsoft And Evernote Away

Notebooks doesn’t “steal” your information and work, because it saves it in a ways that allows you to retrieve it however and whenever you want.

Replaces Multiple Apps

This is a great app that has had regular updates, keeping it current and dependable. It should be much more popular.

Picked This Over Evernote

The app is somewhat intimidating at first with its very beautiful, tasteful but spartan look. The developer goes to pains to NOT enforce a system for organization beyond of course the books metaphor. You really have to start dumping content … Read more

Well Done

Being an industry contractor I need to stay on top of the goings-on of over 50 companies. Notebooks, with its editable groups, choice of books or tasks, clickable links, calendar reminders etc has meant that I don’t have to duplicate … Read more

Very nice job

I have to say the iPhone and iPad apps are somewhat of a masterpiece. Very clean, intuitive, powerful, and elegant.

Thank you.

I just wanted to let you know that after 4 days with Notebooks, it has become one of the most productive tools in my arsenal.


I have bought dozens of these sort of apps over the years – none of which ever got daily use for one reason or another. Notebooks is quite a different proposition and I now use it all of the time. … Read more

I can now Delete the Other Apps

I’ve tried a lot of document and task mangers. This app is simply the best. Everything I need in one app and it works flawlessly. Everything I need is now in Notebooks. Many thanks to the developer for a great … Read more