Notebooks, the only notebooks on you shelf

Create beautiful documents or quickly write down notes.
Manage complex projects or simple task lists.
Store and organize all your files and records.
Sync all that between your iPad, iPhone, Mac and PC.

Why use a handful of unrelated apps when you can do it all in Notebooks?

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Formatted Text, Plain Text or Markdown – The Choice is Yours

No matter whether you want to quickly put down a note or carefully craft a formatted document with styles and images, in Notebooks you can do both.
  • Create formatted documents using WYSIWYG style editing.
  • Type plain text notes if you prefer that.
  • You can use Markdown to format your plain text. Notebooks converts the Markdown text to HTML for you.
  • Convert between these formats in a few steps.
  • Use style sheets to give your documents a distinct appearance.
  • Set up extra keyboard keys to quickly access special characters or phrases.
  • Convert your documents to PDF.
  • Create eBooks from your documents (currently on iPad and iPhone only)
Notebooks gives you even more options, as for example:
  • Create new documents from the pasteboard.
  • Import Photos from your camera or album.
  • Record voice memos (currently on iPad and iPhone only).
  • Sketch your ideas with your finger or a stylus (currently on iPad and iPhone only).
Notebooks saves your documents in standard formats like text or html, which ensures that you can open and reuse them on any device, without proprietary software, and even in 50 years from now.

Get Things Done – From Simple Task Lists to Complex Projects

Task lists in Notebooks

A simple note may spark off an idea, produce a list of todos and wind up as a project. How convenient that Notebooks integrates note taking with task management, because you stay focussed on your project instead of switching between apps.
  • Turn any book into a task list with the flick of a switch.
  • Turn nested books into hierarchies of task lists.
  • Any document can be a task, so you can be as elaborate in your description as you like. You can also turn a sketch, a PDF or a voice memo into a task.
  • Let Notebooks automatically extract tasks from your documents or convert a document into a task list.
  • Assign due dates and alarm times and let Notebooks remind you of pending business. You can even have repeating tasks.
  • Assign tags to tasks and documents and get a consolidated view depending on your current working context.
There is no reason to manage your tasks in a separate app. Just keep them in Notebooks – along with your documents, memos, guidelines or handbooks – and you are set. Learn more…

Group and Organize Your Documents the Way You Want

Nested Structures in Notebooks

The more documents you have, the more essential it is to organize them well and ensure you find them quickly. – In Notebooks, you can simply create a book for each of your projects or subjects, and if you need to further subdivide, just go ahead and create nested books.
  • Create as many books as you need for your subjects.
  • Create nested books – like nested folders on a computer.
  • Turn a book into a todo list if you want.
  • Reorganize books and documents by moving them from one book to another.
  • Rename books or documents.
  • Turn on protection for confidential books or documents (currently on iPhone and iPad only)
This turns Notebooks into a file manager which, in contrast to other apps, allows you to organize your documents in unlimited hierarchies.

Read and Annotate PDF Documents

Annotate PDF in Notebooks

(In-App purchase for iPad and iPhone)

The addition of a full featured PDF reader was one of our users’ most frequent requests. And we agree: when you already create and store PDF documents in Notebooks, you want to read, annotate and comment them, too.
  • Conveniently read PDF documents and swipe through them as if they were books.
  • Highlight and annotate phrases, add stamps, signatures, comments or notes. There is little you will be missing.
  • View a PDF document’s table of contents, set your bookmarks, or view the summary of annotated pages.
  • Search the full text of PDF documents.
You will hardly find a more convenient and pleasant way of viewing, reading and annotating PDF documents — which is one more reason to get Notebooks. Learn more…

Store and Display (almost) any Document

Document Types supported by Notebooks

Do you have a PDF handbook, a chart, an email message, a presentation, or a couple of photos that you want to keep along with your notes, diaries and meeting notes? – It is easy, just put them all into Notebooks.
  • Store and display plain text documents, Markdown, PDF, iWork, Office, RTF and HTML documents as well as images, movies, web archives or email messages.
  • Import documents through Notebooks’ sync options, iTunes file sharing, or the built in WebDAV server.
  • Use “Open in…” to import documents from other iOS apps into Notebooks.
  • Search the full text of most of these documents for quick access.
This makes Notebooks your portable knowledge base, and you always have your documents right at your fingertips.


Synchronize and Backup: Dropbox, WebDAV and more

Sync Options in Notebooks

Having your documents with you on an iPhone or an iPad is one thing, but you probably also want to use and work on these documents from your computer. And you always want to be sure to have a backup of your documents in case your device gets lost or stolen. Notebooks offers several options.
  • Synchronize your documents with your Dropbox account.
  • Synchronize with your favorite WebDAV server – even one you install on your computer, in case you don’t like cloud services.
  • Use the WebDAV server that is built into Notebooks for Mac and sync directly between Notebooks on your iPad or iPhone and your Mac.
  • Use the WiFi Sharing option in Notebooks for iPad and iPhone to access Notebooks like an external hard drive.
  • If you use Notebooks on multiple devices, synchronizing each of them with your selected service ensures that the contents of Notebooks is identical on all devices.
Work on your books, journals, memos and todos wherever you are.

Multilingual and Voiceover

On iPhone and iPad, Notebooks supports English, Deutsch, Español and Français. Voiceover is supported throughout the app. Notebooks for Mac and Windows currently is available in English only.

Available on iPad, iPhone, Mac and PC

The iOS versions of Notebooks (there is one Universal version for iPad and iPhone, but also a separate version for the iPhone only) are available from the App Store. Notebooks for Mac is available from the Mac App Store as well as from this site. Notebooks for Windows is available from this site.

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