Notebooks Downloads


These handbooks are all created in Notebooks, on iPads, iPhones and Macs.
Written in Markdown and using Notebooks’ Handbook Theme, they are examples of what you can do with Notebooks.

Quickstart Guides

Short PDF documents explaining Notebooks’ user interface, buttons and menus. Meant as a support to get started with Notebooks.

Notebooks for Mac

Notebooks for Windows

Document Styles (Style Sheets)

Download the css files and put them into the NBResources/CSS folder at Notebooks’ top level. You can use these style sheets as a starting point for creating your own styles.

Preinstalled Styles

  • Default Theme (2021) – as used in Notebooks 11 (iOS), Notebooks 2.4 (macOS)
  • Scientific + MathJax – As an example of how to inherit from other styles. In addition to the default MathJax delimiters, this style uses $...$ and (...) for inline mathematics. A style with default delimiters only is listed below.

Custom Styles

Legacy Styles (Notebooks 8)

Notebooks Bookmarklet

The Notebooks Bookmarklet is a bookmark which – when clicked – takes the page that you currently view in your browser and adds it to Notebooks. This works on iOS/iPadOS as well as on macOS and Windows.

You find a detailed description with advanced option how to use the bookmarklet in the import section