Import from Mobile Mail, Safari and other apps on your iPhone or iPad

Many applications offer the command “Open in…” which allows you to open and view a document in a different application. This can be very helpful for email attachments and documents you find while browsing the web. – Notebooks is capable of opening and storing many document types, so it should appear in the list of available applications in most cases.

If Notebooks does not appear in the list, the most likely reason is that too many applications are installed that can handle the document. The only option is to remove apps you do not frequently use until Notebooks appears on the list.

Import Documents from Safari with the Notebooks Bookmarklet

Notebooks offers a convenient option to import a page or document you are currently viewing in Safari (or Chrome). This requires a little preparation, though:

Copy the text below and save it as a bookmark in Mobile Safari.


You can also specify a target for the imported document:


The best way to do this on the iPhone/iPad is by adding an arbitrary bookmark and then modifying its title and URL, following these steps:

  • in Mobile Safari, save an arbitrary page as bookmark
  • open Bookmarks
  • tap on “Edit” on the lower left corner
  • now tap on the title of the bookmark you want to change
  • you will see two cells, one with the title, which is activated for typing, and the other one with the URL; if you want, change the title first
  • then, tap on the URL (you may need to tap and hold a bit), delete the text and paste the javascript from above.

Alternatively, you can add this link to Safari on your computer and sync the bookmarks to your iPhone/iPad.

To import a page or documents that you are viewing in Safari, tap on this bookmark; Notebooks will launch and grab the page.
This works well for images, HTML, PDF and other documents that are currently displayed in Safari. However, it may happen that HTML documents look slightly different in Notebooks and that inline images do not appear; this is because Notebooks does not import embedded images or elements. In such cases you might try to select and copy the contents of the page in Safari and save it as web archive using “New from Pasteboard” in Notebooks.

By the way: the same bookmarklet works on your desktop, too, and imports the page currently displayed in your browser into Notebooks for Mac or PC.

Import and Export through iTunes

The iPad and the iPhone/iPod running iOS4 or later are capable of exchanging documents with iTunes via USB. Although not excessively comfortable and feature rich, it offers an alternative that does not require the connection to a wireless network.

Import and Export with SyncDocs (still maintained, but no longer actively developed)

This option uses Apple’s Bonjour technology and SyncDocs, a freely available web server for your computer. Before you start using this options, please download and install SyncDocs. You find details in the SyncDocs section.