Notebooks 1.4.2 for Windows

We just published a minor update of Notebooks for Windows. You can get Notebooks 1.4.2 from our download page. New in Notebooks 1.4.2 “Open as Plain Text” asks for confirmation to make it less likely to accidentally change settings. When

Notebooks 1.4.1 for Windows

A minor update of Notebooks for Windows is available for download. You can download Notebooks 1.4.1 from the download page. To learn about the changes, improvements and corrections, please visit the version history page. Update Instructions Windows users first need

Notebooks 1.4 for Mac and PC

Notebooks 1.4 for Mac and PC is available for download. The list of changes, improvements and corrections can be found on the version history pages for Mac and PC. You can get the new version directly from this website (Download

Notebooks 1.3 for Mac and PC

We are pleased to announce that Notebooks 1.3 for Mac and PC is available for download. The new version features an optional light user interface theme and replaces the folder icons with Notebooks’ own book icons, which you may already

Notebooks 1.2 for Mac and PC

We are pleased to announce the next update of Notebooks for Mac and PC. It provides a set of interesting new features and improvements like options to highlight and vertically center the currently edited line, an action to save editable

Notebooks for Mac/PC 1.1.2

With this update we want to provide you with a few fixes and enhancements, especially for the Mac version. The updates are available from our website (Mac, PC) and from the Mac App Store. Notebooks for Mac OS X 10.7-10.10

Notebooks for Mac/PC 1.1

An update for the Mac and Windows versions of Notebooks is available for download from our website (Mac, PC). The list of changes and addition is available from the version history pages (Mac, PC). [box] Update October 12: If you

Notebooks for Windows 1.0

We are glad to announce that Notebooks for Windows 1.0 is now available for download and purchase – just in time before the last beta version finally expired. When you download and install Notebooks for Windows, it is in a

Notebooks for Mac/PC expiry notification

Staring April 1st, Notebooks for Mac/PC beta 15 will show an expiry notification. Feel free to click OK and continue using it without any restriction. – We are just wrapping up and finalizing the official version 1.0, so it should

Notebooks for Mac/Win 1.0 Beta 15

A few weeks ago we hoped that Beta 14 might be the last update before the final release. It was not, unfortunately. – We encountered a few obstacles on the way to the App Store that we need to solve