Notebooks for Mac 3.0.2

Notebooks for Mac 3.0.2 contains bug fixes and corrections. The Changes in Detail Notebooks for Mac 3.0.2 is available from this website and from the Mac App Store. Users of the non-Mac App Store version of Notebooks for Mac can also take advantage of the automatic

Notebooks for Mac 3.0.1

Notebooks 3.0.1 is an update to address a few issues that our users have reported over the past few days. There are no new features, just corrections. The Changes in Detail Creating Quick Entries no longer causes a hang. When

Taking Notebooks to the Next Level – Automatic Link Management

With Notebooks 12 and Notebooks for Mac 3 we recently released two major upgrades. They introduce Automatic Link Management and Backlinks, add options to mark books and documents as Favorites or pin documents to the top of the list, features new icons and a refreshed interface, and much more. Each addition improves the flexibility

Notebooks for Mac 3

Notebooks for Mac 3 is a major upgrade introducing automatic link management and backlinks, options to pin documents to the top of the list, mark books and documents as Favorites, adds new icons, and much more. – Notebooks for Mac 3 is

Major Notebooks Upgrades On The Way

Two Major Notebooks Upgrades are On The Way When it has been quiet here for the past couple of weeks, it is an unmistakable sign that we have been busy working in our labs — as experienced Notebooks users know. It is