Notebooks 3.4.2 for Mac

Notebooks 3.4.2 is a minor update with a few improvements and corrections. It is available from this website and from the Mac App Store. Users of the non-Mac App Store version can use Notebooks‘ automatic update option as well.

The Changes in Detail

Storage Locations

  • You can now switch storage locations directly from the File menu, too.

Formatted Documents

  • Hyphenation adjusts to the document’s language (the language is derived from first paragraphs).
  • Umlauts in a Table of Contents are now correctly escaped, ensuring the links work properly.
  • When hovering the mouse pointer over a link, the URL always displays in the footer as expected.
  • When moving or renaming a book, the links in referencing documents are now reliably updated, too.
  • The list of a document’s anchors appears in the same order as they do in the document (don’t sort by alphabet).


  • Clicking a book’s title in the Breadcrumb Navigation displays its content according to book’s sort order.
  • Opening a notebooks:// link from another application correctly displays the document and its containing book.
  • Sizes for documents and the content of books are calculated more precisely.
  • “Vollkorn” is a new custom font.

As always, if you have any questions or feedback, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

Notebooks 3.4.2 for Mac