Notebooks 12.4.2 for iPhone and iPad

Notebooks 12.4.2 is a minor update with improvements and corrections. It is available on the App Store.

The Changes in Detail

Formatted Documents

  • Hyphenation adjusts to the document’s language (the language is derived from first paragraphs).
  • The action Remove Link is available in the context menu if the current selection contains a link.
  • With Insert closing character active, adding an opening parenthesis as the first character works as expected.
  • Umlauts in a Table of Contents are now correctly escaped, ensuring the links work properly.

Keyboard Shortcuts

  • The shortcut for strikethrough is now shift-alt-cmd-- (to match the macOS version).
  • Use cmd-K to insert a Markdown link or []().
  • When moving or renaming a book, the links in referencing documents are now reliably updated, too.
  • The list of a document’s anchors appears in the same order as they do in the document (don’t sort by alphabet).


  • A book’s action menu (•••) now allows bulk assignment of Contexts again.
  • When converting multiple documents to PDF, reliably use the given title.


  • Notebooks more carefully cleans up autosave versions of your documents. This allows you to revert to the previous version as long as you have not edited a document again – which may even be days or weeks later.
  • The + menu offers the option Add to Inbox in all books, so you can add a new document to the Inbox no matter where you are in Notebooks.


  • Sizes for documents or the content of books are calculated more precisely.
  • “Vollkorn” is a new custom font.

If you have any questions or feedback, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

Notebooks 12.4.2 for iPhone and iPad