Give Your Checklists a Fresh Look

A Fresh Look for Your Checklists Have you ever noticed the phenomenon that checklists tend to grow over time and hardly ever get shorter? I don’t know about you, but for me, long lists get overwhelming. Splitting lists up into

Notebooks as Evernote Alternative

In response to Evernote‘s price changes, many users have been looking at Notebooks as an Evernote alternative. We have been receiving numerous requests asking for the best way to migrate from Evernote to Notebooks. Notebooks for Mac 2.0 and Notebooks 10 for

Migrate from Notebooks 8 to Notebooks 11

This article was originally written to describe the migration from Notebooks 8 to Notebooks 10, but it is still valid for Notebooks 11. When you upgrade from Notebooks 8.11.4 or later, you probably want to migrate your existing documents to the new

Migrate Documents from Evernote to Notebooks

Notebooks for Mac 2.0 and Notebooks 10 for iOS/iPadOS provide convenient options to migrate documents from Evernote to Notebooks with just a few simple steps: Export your Evernote notes in .enex format. Move the exported file into Notebooks. You can do so

Notebooks 6 and iOS 11

Over the past couple of days we have received many emails from users who have updated their devices to iOS 11 and now can no longer open and use Notebooks 6, the version that was discontinued a few years ago.

Hide Notebooks’ plist Files on a Mac

There is an easy way of telling macOS to hide Notebooks’ plist files so Finder does not display them anymore. If you feel comfortable working in Terminal, here is how you to that: Launch Terminal and change to your Notebooks

Notebooks and iOS 9 Beta

Since Apple released a public beta version of iOS 9, everyone with a compatible device can download, install and test the new operating system. Trying out a new iOS is exciting, but it also bears its risks: a beta version