Migrate Documents from Notebooks 6 to Notebooks 8

If you have been using earlier versions of Notebooks, migrating your documents from Notebooks 6 to Notebooks 8 is probably one of the first steps. The migration is necessary, because Notebooks 7 was a new app, and it is not … Read more

Retrieve older iTunes Backups from a Backup Disk

Backing up your iOS devices through iTunes is fast and convenient, but each backup you create deletes the previous one. This means that iTunes always leaves you with just the single, most recent backup. While this is fine as long … Read more

Restricted Dropbox Support for Notebooks 4.x

The makers of Dropbox informed us that the version of their interface (API) which was used in Notebooks 4 will no longer be supported after April 30, 2013. – If you are still using Notebooks 4.x and rely on Notebooks’ … Read more

Notebooks URL Schemes

Notebooks supports a set of so called URL schemes, which basically are URLs that allow other apps to communicate with Notebooks. Open a specific document notebooks://show/<escaped%20path%20to%20document>   This URL opens Notebooks and displays the referenced document; it is the format … Read more

Change your Dropbox Sync Folder – Best Practice

Notebooks allows you to set the Dropbox folder that should be used for synchronization (the directory Notebooks is suggested by default). If you have already been syncing Notebooks with Dropbox and want to change the sync folder, there are a … Read more

NB 5.0.4 – Tips and Troubleshooting

After the latest update a few problems were reported, but fortunately, fixes and workarounds are available. We want to thank our users for sending their valuable feedback which helped us track down the issues. Unlock Screen does not go away … Read more

NB 5.0 – Known Issues

It seems inevitable that any major release has a few issues, and this is true for Notebooks 5.0, as well… Here is a summary of what has been reported so far; wherever possible we also suggest workarounds. – An update … Read more