If you have been syncing Notebooks to your own WebDAV server on a Mac running Mac OS 10.7, you probably notice that this WebDAV setup no longer works on Mac OS 10.8 (Mountain Lion). Here are two hints.

Mac OS X Server

In MacOS 10.7 OSX Server (Lion), the WebDAV service published user sharepoints in the form


With Mac OSX Server 10.8, that sharepoint path is still accessible but does not work properly with respect to a number of WebDAV HTTP actions. However, the users’ WebDAV sharepoints can be accessed as


(i.e., omitting the “/webdav” portion of the path). This works properly with Notebooks, the Finder, and other WebDAV clients.

(Thanks to Brian Adamson for these details.)

Mac OS X (non server)

Setting up a WebDAV server on Mac OS X is a little more complex, but not really complicated either. Here are a few resources



Sync Notebooks to Mountain Lion’s WebDAV Server