Notebooks for iPad and iPhone

Notebooks for iPad and iPhone comprises the functionality of a set of different apps: it is a Note Taker, a Word ProcessorMarkdown EditorHTML to Markdown converter, a Task Manager, a File Organizer, a Clipboard managerPDF converter and PDF Reader, an eBook Creator, a Document Converter and much more.

Declutter Your Home Screen

Having all that in a single app avoids cluttering your iPad or iPhone with countless apps, but what is even more important: it allows you to stay focussed on your work and remain in a consistent environment rather than switching between apps and contexts. And that makes you and your workflow more efficient.

Notebooks for iPad and iPhone

What’s New in Notebooks 11

  • iCloud Drive Support: you can now use iCloud to sync your documents between iPad, iPhone and Mac (Notebooks for Mac 2.4).
  • Manage separate sets of documents (local and on iCloud Drive) and switch between them anytime. – With an optional in-app purchase you can select custom storage locations, work on other app’s documents and even store your documents on connected drives or USB sticks.
  • Solarized user interface style, as an alternative to the iOS standard colors.
  • Colorized syntax highlighting for Markdown.
  • Create flowcharts using Mermaid in Markdown.
  • New editing functions in plain text (move lines up and down, sort selected, etc.)
  • Performance improvements, corrections and user interface refinements.

All the details are available in a separate article.

Notebooks 11 for iPad and iPhone is a major upgrade and comes with many changes, improvements and additions. It runs on iOS 12 or higher, and it is a free upgrade for all users of Notebooks 10.

To find out what was new in Notebooks 10, refer to the related blog entry or to the version history.