Notebooks 12.0.1 for iPad and iPhone

Notebooks 12.0.1 is a quick update to address a few issues and glitches that our users have reported over the past few days. There are no new features, just corrections. The Changes in Detail Repeatedly tapping the same extra keyboard

Notebooks 12 for iPad and iPhone

Notebooks 12 is a major upgrade introducing automatic link management and backlinks, options to pin documents to the top of the list, mark books and documents as Favorites, adds new icons, and much more. – With all these additions and improvements, Notebooks 12 is a huge step forward from its

Notebooks 11.0.2 for iPad and iPhone

Notebooks 11.0.2 for iPad and iPhone is a minor update to address a few user requests. It also updates the Dropbox sync logic, preparing Notebooks for the new authentication flow which Dropbox will introduce later this fall.

Notebooks 11 for iPad and iPhone – iCloud Drive Support

Notebooks 11 is a major upgrade. It introduces iCloud Drive support, an optional Solarized user interface, extended editing functions for plain text and formatted documents, an option to use colorized syntax highlighting for Markdown and more. Notebooks 11 is a free upgrade for all users of Notebooks 10.