This update improves the behavior of checklists in formatted documents, contains improvements for document styles (digits for footnotes and numbered lists), and brings a few more refinements.

Notebooks 12.3.3 is available on the App Store. If you have any questions or feedback, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

The Changes in Detail

Formatted Documents

  • Outdenting checklist items correctly preserves the open/done state.
  • Typing return after a done checklist item creates a new line with an open checklist item (instead of a done item).
  • “Single character” extra keyboard keys correctly insert their assigned text at the beginning of a line.

Document Themes

  • Refined appearance of digits for footnotes and numbered lists.
  • Images in table cells correctly resize so the table does not extend beyond the screen width.

Text Encoding in Plain Text

Notebooks has always opened plain text documents in their original text encoding. If you happen to use old text documents with encodings like Mac OS Roman and start adding text, it may happen that some of the characters you add prevent the document from being saved in their encoding. This happens with emojis, but also with text copied from elsewhere. Notebooks used to issue an alert in this case, but now Notebooks silently tries to save the text as Unicode and shows an alert only if this fails.


  • Add support for Cardflow+ documents (icon and preview, if available).
Notebooks 12.3.3 for iPhone and iPad