We have received a couple of emails asking for the best way to migrate the contents of an Evernote account to Notebooks. While there is no automatic way of importing the documents from Evernote, here is an easy to follow procedure:

  • Export your Evernote documents as multiple HTML files
  • Import the files and folders into Notebooks, using one of the multiple options:
    • Drag the exported files and folders into the Dropbox folder you use for synchronization with Notebooks
    • Copy the files and folders to the WebDAV server that you are syncing with Notebooks
    • Use Notebooks’ WiFi Sharing to import the documents
    • Combine the exported Evernote documents into a single zip archive, transfer the archive to Notebooks and extract it. This is the best option when you
      • use iTunes’ file sharing to import,
      • email the archive to yourself and then choose “Open in…” to transfer it to Notebooks

In Notebooks, the items exported from Evernote may have associated folders containing the multimedia content along side the HTML documents. These folders show up as books in Notebooks.

Migrate from Evernote to Notebooks