Notebooks for Mac 2.0 and Notebooks 10 for iOS/iPadOS provide convenient options to migrate documents from Evernote to Notebooks with just a few simple steps:

  1. Export your Evernote notes in .enex format.
  2. Move the exported file into Notebooks. You can do so by dragging it into a book in Notebooks‘ outline or document list, or by importing it into Notebooks on iOS/iPadOS.
  3. In Notebooks, select the file in the document list. 
  4. Notebooks displays status info and provides an import button in the right window.
  5. Click/tap import to extract the notes contained in the .enex file; Notebooks adds them to the current book.
  6. Wait until the process has finished and you are done.

You can now continue to work on your documents directly in Notebooks.

Migrate Documents from Evernote to Notebooks
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