In response to Evernote’s recent price change, many users seem to be looking at Notebooks as Evernote alternative. We have been receiving numerous requests asking for the best way to migrate from Evernote to Notebooks, so we take this as an opportunity to revisit the topic. – In case you are still uncertain if Notebooks meets your needs, why not take a look at our users’ comments and read why others chose Notebooks.

While there is no automatic option to move your documents from Evernote to Notebooks, there is an easy to follow procedure:

  1. Start by exporting your Evernote documents as multiple HTML files. Later on in Notebooks, these will appear as formatted documents.
  2. Next, import these files and folders into Notebooks; you can pick one of multiple options:
    • If you are using Dropbox to sync the contents of Notebooks between your devices, drag the exported files and folders into the Dropbox folder you use for synchronization.
    • In case you are using a WebDAV server for synchronization, copy the files and folders to your server.
    • To import the files and folders directly into Notebooks on an iPad or iPhone you can use Notebooks’ WiFi Sharing.
    • Maybe you are synchronizing locally between your Mac and your iOS devices via the Notebooks Server. In this case, just drag and drop the files and folders into the hierarchy of Notebooks on your Mac.
    • If you are using Notebooks on a Mac or PC only and you don’t need to sync the documents with iOS devices, you can drag and drop the files and folders into Notebooks’ hierarchy as well.

In Notebooks, the documents you exported from Evernote may appear with associated folders containing images or other multimedia content that is embedded in your HTML documents. These folders show up as separate books in Notebooks.

If you have questions, comments or maybe even a better procedure, please let us know.

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Notebooks as Evernote Alternative