Highlights in Notebooks 3.2 for Mac

  • A new smart book to show All Task Lists.
  • New option to turn headings into clickable links in rendered Markdown documents, which allows you to easily copy links to headings.
  • Rename documents directly from the Info panel.
  • System fonts are now available for selection.
  • Improvements for automatically inserted closing characters, so they no longer interfere with nested LaTeX commands.
  • Refined Document Themes, and much more.

For all the details, please see below.

Notebooks 3.2 for Mac is available from this website and from the Mac App Store. Users of the non-Mac App Store version of Notebooks for Mac can also take advantage of the automatic update option.

As always, if you have any questions or feedback, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

Changes in Detail


  • The new smart book All Task Lists can be enabled in Settings > Tasks and provides a list of all task lists along with the numbers of open and due tasks.
  • Right-clicking the empty space in the outline selects top level as expected. This is especially relevant for context menus.

Document List

  • Favorites preserve their custom sort order (although the sort order is not yet synced between devices).
  • Sorting documents by title now includes their path extensions, so the sort order is consistent.
  • With hide done tasks active, done task display as expected when opened from recent items or from a link (in previous versions they did not show), and done tasks don’t accidentally reappear when their contents is modified.
  • Renaming pinned items no longer clears their pinned state.

Text Editing

  • Automatically inserted closing characters no longer interfere with nested LaTeX commands like {\mathcal{T}}.
  • With automatically insert closing characters enabled, typing return before )} or ] jumps over the closing character instead of moving it to the next line. Use shift-return to move the character to the next line.


  • The option Make Headings Clickable Links turns headings into links pointing to themselves. This provides a convenient shortcut for copying links to sections. (Option in Settings > Write&Edit > Markdown).
  • Correctly display multiple tables of contents in Markdown documents (you can use TOC more than once in a document, with different options like {{TOC:2}}{{TOC:2-}} etc).

Document Themes

  • Updated document themes to avoid orphaned headings in print.
  • FootnotesMentions etc. display a heading again when listed at bottom of the document (macOS 13).


  • System Font and System Monospaced Font are available from the font picker.
  • Rename documents from the Info panel.
  • Recognize Text delivers better results for documents scanned in low quality.
  • Toggling autosave in settings no longer accidentally toggles closing characters.
  • Open and display .bike files.
  • macOS 13.3: When leaving fullscreen, reliably resize window.
  • Interface enhancements.
Notebooks 3.2 for Mac