This update of Notebooks 3.1.2 for Mac contains a few additions, but it is mainly about improvements and fixes.


  • New action Copy Markdown Link to copy an item’s link in Markdown format as [title](url).
  • New URL scheme addNote.
  • Added Sarabun font for improved Thai legibility.


  • Speed up global search, especially for short search terms or while editing the search term.
  • Opening a document by clicking a link or using a URL scheme brings that document’s window to the foreground if it is already open. Otherwise the document opens in the current window instead of the main window.
  • Holding shift-command while clicking a link opens the document in its native app.
  • Reliably show/hide smart books when parameters change. Especially, hide the smart book Due Tasks when no tasks are due.
  • Markdown highlighting ignores sections in fenced code blocks.
  • Embedded items no longer use a timestamp as prefix.
  • Reorganized context menu in formatted documents (right-click).


  • The table of contents in Notebooksbreadcrumb navigation skips headings which are contained in a fenced code block.
  • Resizing text with command-plus should work as expected.
  • The Move to Trash action in the document list’s context menu works as expected, even if a text document currently has keyboard focus.
  • Line numbers correctly lay out when opening a text document (they could have been squeezed together at the top).
  • When dropping images into plain text, Notebooks assigns a path extension to the embedded image.
  • Extract Tasks reliably detects tasks when used from a formatted document’s ••• menu.

Notebooks 3.1.2 for Mac is available from this website and from the Mac App Store. Users of the non-Mac App Store version of Notebooks for Mac can also take advantage of the automatic update option.

As always, if you have any questions or feedback, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

Update: Notebooks 3.1.2 for Mac