Notebooks URL Schemes

Notebooks offers support for a range of URL schemes, which are essentially URLs that enable communication between Notebooks and other apps. You can also use these schemes in Shortcuts, and any place that supports clickable links. This allows you to automate various tasks and integrate Notebooks with other apps more seamlessly.

It’s important to percent escape these URLs, which involves replacing certain characters to ensure the URL is valid. The most common character requiring replacement is the space character, which must be replaced with %20.

Open a Specific Document


This URL opens the referenced document in Notebooks. The path is relative to Notebooks‘ root and should be URL-espaced. Notebooks uses this format for its internal links.

Add Text as a New Plain Text Document


This scheme adds new documents to Notebooks‘ top level. When used without title, Notebooks assigns the first line of the text as title. – This is a simple and convenient option for other apps to send documents to Notebooks.

Search in Notebooks


The search URL scheme opens Notebooks and triggers a search for the given term. You can add an optional path to a book to restrict the search scope.

Create a New Document


This creates a new document ready for you to start adding text. If you provide a valid parent, Notebooks creates the document within that book, otherwise it will appear at the top level of Notebooks.

Notebooks uses the default document type for the new document. You can change the default type in Settings.

Create a New Task


Create a new task. When a valid parent given, Notebooks creates the task in that book. Otherwise Notebooks uses the specified default Inbox. When no default in box is set, Notebooks will display an alert.

Create a New Sketch


Create an empty PDF document (this is what Notebooks’ sketches are based on) and open it in edit mode. With an Apple Pencil, you can immediately start drawing.

Append Text to a Document


Use this scheme to append text to an existing document at the specified path. Notebooks assumes that the document exists and treats the appended text as plain text (Markdown works as well).

Import from a URL


This URL scheme allows you to import a document by providing its URL. This is actually what the Notebooks Bookmarklet does. Additionally, you can specify the title for the imported document and the location where it should be stored within Notebooks.

Start WiFi Sharing (iPhone and iPad)


This scheme starts WiFi Sharing at the selected book. If the book does not exist, Notebooks displays a message, but does not start sharing. – When no book is specified, sharing starts at Notebooks‘ top level.

Start WebDAV Sync (iPhone and iPad)


This scheme initiates a WebDAV sync (if set up) starting at the specified book. If the book does not exist, Notebooks displays a warning, but it does not start sync. When no book is given, synchronization starts at Notebooks‘ top level.