Import Apple Notes

On your Mac
  • The best option to migrate your documents is through the app Exporter. It allows you to export your notes as Markdown or HTML – both formats which are editable in Notebooks. On export, you specify where the documents should be saved, which allows you directly add them to Notebooks.
  • Alternatively, you can copy/paste or even drag&drop selected notes from the Notes app into Notebooks.
On your iPhone or iPad

iOS and iPadOS do not provide a way to directly import your notes from the With a few steps, however, you can quickly and easily transfer them to Notebooks:

  • You can copy/paste or drag&drop selected notes from the Notes app into Notebooks. This is best on an iPad, where you can run Notes and Notebooks side-by-side, so dragging items is easy.

A more sophisticated option involves a backup of your iPhone or iPad:

  • Back up your iPhoneiPad or iPod touch through Finder or iTunes.
  • Download any of the backup extractors:
  • Launch the extractor and select Read Backups.
  • Choose the latest backup.
  • When you are presented a list of apps, choose iPhone OS Files and click Extract.
  • Select a location to store the extracted files.
  • The extraction process generates a folder “iPhone OS Files” in your chosen location. In that folder, open the sub folders Library > Notes.
  • Import the file notes.sqlite (on earlier devices it may be titled notes.db) into Notebooks with any of the available import/sync options. Notebooks displays the document notes.sqlite with a generic icon.
  • Tap notes.sqlite in list of books and documents and watch how Notebooks extracts the notes into a new book called iPhone Notes.