Notebooks 12.1.2 for iPhone and iPad contains a few additions, improvements and corrections.


  • New action Copy Markdown Link to copy an item’s link in Markdown format [title](url).
  • Added Sarabun font for improved Thai legibility.


  • Forward delete to end of sentence deletes space preceding the cursor, deletes the rest of the sentence but preserves the terminating characters, and positions the cursor after the last character.
  • Markdown highlighting ignores sections in fenced code blocks.
  • Embedded images no longer use a timestamp as prefix.
  • Videos do not autoplay on an iPad.
  • Correctly display images which are embedded as data stream.


  • URL Scheme addText saves text at the defined parent path as expected.
  • Restoring multiple documents from the Trash reliably handles all selected items.
  • Address the case Notebooks sometimes refuses to turn off Sharing between Notebooks Versions.
  • Importing multiple images from Photos correctly saves them in the selected book, not at Notebooks‘ top level.

Notebooks 12.1.2 is available on the App Store. Should you run into any issues, please let us know.

Update: Notebooks 12.1.2 for iPhone and iPad