Notebooks 3.1 for Mac and Notebooks 12.1. for iPhone and iPad, the updates released just a few days ago, turned out to clean unused attachments and embedded images more aggressively than intended. As a result, some users have reported that embedded images were moved to the Trash although there were still used in documents. With their help we were able to locate and fix this issue, and updates are available on the App Stores*)

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience that this may have caused.

Here are a few recommendations to address and resolve this issue in case you cannot update to 3.1.1 or 12.1.1 just now.

  • Turn off the option to automatically clean up unused attachments.
    • In Notebooks for iPhone or iPad, you find this option in Settings > Write & Edit.
    • In Notebooks for Mac, the corresponding checkbox is in Setting > Advanced.
  • Toggle the link management option in Settings > Write > Links to refresh all backlinks and references. This makes sure that Notebooks no longer accidentally considers images redundant.

These steps make sure that Notebooks no longer accidentally removes images.

If you find that some images have been inadvertently moved to Notebooks‘ trash (or the Finder Trash, on a Mac), restoring or putting them back to their original location will resolve the inconsistency.

Updates: Notebooks 3.1.1 and Notebooks 12.1.1