Notebooks 12.0.1 is a quick update to address a few issues and glitches that our users have reported over the past few days. There are no new features, just corrections.

The Changes in Detail

  • Repeatedly tapping the same extra keyboard key inserts the corresponding character once for each tap – as expected.
  • Avoid warnings about iCloud reachability when iCloud is not the selected storage location.
  • Fix hang when opening one of Notebooks‘ documents from the
  • Search from Notebooks‘ top level skips contents of the hidden book NBResources.
  • Address an occasional crash when searching the contents of a book, caused by locked PDF documents.
  • Correctly display YAML headers in rendered Markdown.
  • Correctly save and apply custom sort order for Favorites.
  • In regular books with custom sort order selected, add new items at the bottom, unless selected otherwise.
  • .webP files are correctly handled as images.
  • iPhone: Editing plain text in landscape orientation avoids excessive scrolling when “center current line” is active.
  • iPad: Fix a crash when editing the first line of a document (removing last few characters).
  • iPad: Avoid slowdown when editing a document in a list with a huge number of documents.

Notebooks 12.0.1 is available on the App Store. Should you run into any issues, please let us know.

Notebooks 12.0.1 for iPad and iPhone