Notebooks 12.0.2 contains a few fixes and improvements.

The Changes in Detail

  • When using iCloud:
    • Sync counter no longer remains stuck after sync has finished.
    • Resolve a potential freeze on startup.
  • Unused embedded images are not cleaned up while sync is in progress.
  • The list of Backlinks appears in consistent order.
  • Use the pull down gesture to refresh the list or recently modified items.
  • Automatically inserting closing characters no longer resets the current text style in formatted documents.
  • Compile Documents preserves externally referenced images.
  • After using “replace all”, plain text is editable with a single tap as expected.
  • Ensure smooth scrolling in PDF documents on iOS 16.
  • Address an issue calculating the total size of Notebooks’ documents.
  • Preserve Evernote‘s last modification date for imported notes.
  • Minor fixes and improvements.

Notebooks 12.0.2 is available on the App Store. Should you run into any issues, please let us know.

Notebooks 12.0.2 for iPad and iPhone