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User Comments

A Review in Ryhme 🙂

App Store US – Mar 18, 2022

I see you want me to write a review
What can I say but that I write daily in you

As I can just think in rhyme
At least most of the time

Jotting down daily limericks is how I use you

App Store Review

The Absolute Best – Ignore all Subscription Notebook Apps 

App Store Review UK – Feb 9, 2022

I have used almost every note taking app there is, and all (except this one) have significant problems. I was a heavy user of Evernote before they started to ignore their premium users in their mad desire to acquire big business support. That lead me to systematically trying all the note taking apps on the App Store (I really mean all of them – OneNote) until I discovered this one. This notebooks app, in my opinion, is flawless.

It takes some time to get used to – initially it doesn’t look as pretty as some of the other note taking apps (eg Bear) but you can customise it so it looks just as good. As I mentioned though, once you learn to use it you will find it is more powerful than any other note taking app.

I own the desktop app and the iOS app. They are not cheap, but there is no subscription (so way cheaper in the long run), it is more powerful than any other note taking app, and your notes are all stored in non-proprietary file formats (like txt or html) – as someone who spent months trying to extract all their notes from Evernote in a useable format, believe me that this is the most important feature you should be looking for when choosing a note taking app.

I want to thank the developer for creating this wonderful product. I’ve now been a very heavy user for about 4 years, with about 3GB of notes, and it has never let me down. I would honestly be lost without it.

I contacted the developer once to enquire about adding a feature and they were amazingly helpful. This is very different to my experiences with Evernote.

I’ve recommended this app to friends and family, and many now use it – again they love it.

It is without doubt my favourite app and also the most important app I own for my work. I cannot recommend it strongly enough.

App Store Review

The Notebooks 10 app is the best word processing app for all your works, from taking down quick notes to writing your books, eBooks and organizing your documents. This app is available for iOS and Mac devices.


Superb Note Taking App

Notebooks is superb! I find it’s the app I reach for first when I’m doing anything with text. Simple to set up and use, it’s that simplicity that makes it so versatile, so versatile in fact that I’m using it to write a novel on. Beautifully clean and user friendly interface too. It’s simply a pleasure to use. I’m also a great fan of how it syncs with Dropbox rather than iCloud, as Dropbox is where I keep my writing project stuff; it’s probably just me, but I find Dropbox much easier to use than iCloud. I heartily recommend Notebooks for any text based project. I’d be lost without it.

Elegant tool keeps my notes Futureproof

After having used three well known note management tools for many years, I now use Notebooks as a repository for my notes. It offers a very elegant and efficient layer on top of a normal filesystem. I switched to Markdown: pure text documents enhanced with some simple conventions for creating beautiful layouts even for things like tables. These documents can be edited using any text editor on any platform, so the content of my notes is stored application independent in a future proof environment and in a future proof format. In one word: great!

An Excellent App

I use this app on MacBook, iPad, and iPhone. Whatever I enter on one device is conveniently synchronised onto the others via Dropbox. Other cloud systems are available.

I find it very useful for authoring in connection with Scrivener. It is useful for building a stock of related ideas such as: characters, settings, research, or as an initial form of corkboard (chapter summaries).

It also works well as a form of mind map, sharing across all devices. A facility not yet available on Scapple. To use as a form of mind map set up an initial Book as an hierarchical root. Within this book create other Books or Documents for branches. Within a document you can create nested lists, either numbered or bulleted. I.e. You can indent a new list from say an existing bullet level. The beauty is that you can subsequently go in part way down a bullet list and add a new bullet point – which could itself then be indented for a new sub list. Or within an existing Book you can add further ones. And all of this is can be shared across your devices.

The developer is very helpful with advice and there is a useful forum and introductory notes.

Wonderful. Well done.

I can now Delete the Other Apps

I’ve tried a lot of document and task mangers. This app is simply the best. Everything I need in one app and it works flawlessly. Everything I need is now in Notebooks. Many thanks to the developer for a great app.

Blows Microsoft And Evernote Away

Notebooks doesn’t “steal” your information and work, because it saves it in a ways that allows you to retrieve it however and whenever you want.

Long Form Writing

I use Notebooks for a lot of my writing. It’s especially helpful when I work on book projects, because long form writing takes an entirely different organizational style, which Notebooks readily supports.

Much more than just an Alternative

I was actually looking for an alternative for Ulysses. I came across Notebooks and I’m just thrilled. It’s much more than just an alternative. For me it is finally the goal! In the meantime, I have switched all my documentation to Notebooks. Also, the data transfer of Ulysses was completely problem-free. – Questions that beginners may have are answered quickly and comprehensively.

Thank You!

I just wanted to thank you for your efforts in creating Notebooks. I have tried literally dozens of different plain text editors – mostly for writing – and yours is the best I have come across at any price. One of the most valuable features to me is that I can quickly split up a long text document, pasting its sections into new documents, and not only are they are automatically named with the heading on the top line, but the file names update if the top line is updated. Not many applications offer this feature, and those that do (eg, Ulysses) don’t do it as elegantly as your app.


I have bought dozens of these sort of apps over the years – none of which ever got daily use for one reason or another. Notebooks is quite a different proposition and I now use it all of the time. Filled with hidden options that really enable you to configure it to do any task you throw at it this is a solid and reliable app with many cool features. I use it in conjunction with my Synology server by synching it via WebDav and then using CloudStation to sync between the server and the Mac desktop version. Synching this way is always fast and seamless (as is the straight wireless sync straight to the Mac). I also bought the addon PDF editor for the IOS app which is superb and worth every bit of the small amount charged for it.