In some cases, Notebooks for Mac may encounter an issue and get stuck during startup. This may happen because the selected home contains a huge number of new documents which need to be scanned, or the previously opened document causes problems and leads to a crash. – Here are a few tips how to resolve these situations:

  • Press the cmd key immediately after launching Notebooks. This keeps Notebooks from opening the previously viewed document.
  • Hold the alt or option key during launch, and Notebooks ignores the currently selected Notebooks Home. Instead it asks you to select a folder as Notebooks Home. With this you can fix situations in which Notebooks freezes or gets stuck during launch. Even reselecting the current Home is fine.

If that still does not help, you may consider resetting Notebooks‘ preferences. For that, close Notebooks, launch the Terminal application and enter the following command

defaults delete com.aschmid.notebooks2

After typing <return>, launch Notebooks, select your Notebooks Home folder and you should be set.
Trouble Shooting Tips