If you use Scrivener 2 for your writing projects, there is an easy and convenient way of syncing your projects with Notebooks. You find all the details at https://www.literatureandlatte.com/blog/?p=157, but here is a summary of what to do:

  • set up Dropbox sync in Notebooks
  • install the Dropbox client application on your computer, too
  • create a book in Notebooks and call it “Scrivener”
  • if you have more than one Scrivener project to sync, then you might create a book for each project within this Scrivener book
  • synchronize with Dropbox to make sure this structure is created on Dropbox
  • in Scrivener, set up “Sync > with external folder” and point it to one of Notebooks’ project folders on Dropbox

Scrivener will now place a copy of its documents into this folder on Dropbox, and these documents are imported into Notebooks during Dropbox sync.

When you work on these documents in Notebooks, all your changes are synced back to Dropbox and automatically find their way into Scrivener when you select “sync with external folder” again.

Sync Notebooks with Scrivener (iOS to Mac)