How do I Migrate my Preferences and License to my New Computer?

The license file and preferences should be migrated automatically if you copy your user data over to the new computer. On a Mac, at least make sure to migrate these files and folders: ~/Library/Application Support/NotebooksMac and ~/Library/Preferences/com.aschmid.NotebooksMac.plist On a PC

How Do I Restore Data Access? (Mac, PC)

Q: I moved my notebooks data files from one folder to another folder on my computer, thereby changing the file path. Now when I launch Notebooks it gives me the ‘Welcome to Notebooks’ intro, but I can’t access the data

How Can I Export My Documents? (Mac, PC)

An export of your documents is not necessary. Notebooks stores all its data as regular files and folders inside the Notebooks Home folder, which is a directory on your hard drive (just open Notebooks’ preferences to find out which folder