Notebooks 8.1.1

  • The bookmarklet and “import from URL” options are fixed (sorry for breaking that in the previous release…).
  • A rare issue when setting a task’s due date has been addressed.
  • An issue regarding search in older webarchives is solved.
  • When adding photo from the camera, the preview now appears in correct orientation (iPad, iOS 8).
  • Bulk converting documents to HTML no longer accidentally stores result at top level.
  • Sending a document by mail reliably shows the message composer.
  • When using the dark theme, Notebooks now shows the dark keyboard when possible (due to an iOS limitation, Notebooks still shows the light keyboard when editing formatted documents).

Notebooks 8.1


  • On the iPad, you can now view two documents side by side: touch and hold the document you want to appear in the left column. When viewing the same document in both columns (the plain text and formatted version, for example), editing one automatically updates the other.
  • Full support for Fountain documents: edit as plain text, but view as formatted screenplay.
  • Bulk convert documents from a book’s “edit multiple” actions.
  • Option to show word and character count simultaneously.


  • When changing details in WebDAV sync settings, the user now has the option to keep the current sync history. This makes it possible to change server address without losing history.
  • During Dropbox and WebDAV sync, Notebooks exports essential system files (task details) even when sync system files has been turned off.
  • PDF Reader synchronizes bookmarks and reliably saves annotations made in “normal” view mode.
  • Webarchives can now be displayed with iOS Quicklook or with Notebooks’ own methods.
  • When using Touch-ID to unlock Notebooks, pressing Cancel removes the splash screen and asks the user for passcode.


  • Fixed a crash when changing a task’s repeat interval.
  • Fixed a potential crash when creating a new, protected book.
  • When “auto detect lists” if off, pressing tab does not try to indent current line.
  • Reliably return to last viewed book after device’s auto lock (iPhone).
  • Fixed an issue when importing websites that contain spaces in the URL.
  • Fixed a glitch in the list of search results.
  • “Compile Documents” and eBook creation take better care of image styles.
  • Fixed a glitch when pasting an image into a formatted document (iPhone).
  • Sketch: black, gray and white pencil color are now correctly restored.
  • Fixed the occasional “black screen issue” on iPad when background refresh launched Notebooks while device was locked.
  • Multiple fixes for iOS 9.

Notebooks 8.0

Major new Features

  • Automatic background sync for Dropbox: Notebooks can now automatically connect to Dropbox at regular intervals, quickly identify what has changed, and sync the respective documents; it is no longer necessary to open a book or to trigger a sync from the action menu to ensure that Notebooks is in sync with Dropbox.
  • Full featured PDF Reader (as in app purchase)

Further Additions

  • Use Touch-ID to unlock Notebooks.
  • The today view (swipe from top of display) can show Notebooks’ due tasks and allows you to manipulate them (iOS 8 only).
  • Sketches are finally available on iPhones, too.
  • Improved handling and display of email (.eml) messages.
  • Improved handling and display of webarchives
  • Compressing documents now includes embedded images and plist files.
  • Set hourly repeat intervals for repeating tasks.
  • Swiping left across an entry in the list of books and documents reveals Delete, Info and More… options (iOS 8).
  • Disable typographic quotes during Markdown conversion (use (c) instead of ©, for example).
  • Option to treat lines starting with “//” as comments. These lines are excluded from word- and character count and are ignored during Markdown conversion (plain text only).
  • New keyboard shortcuts (external keyboard)

Fixes and Corrections

  • Refined dark theme
  • Improved alignment of extra keyboard keys on iPhone
  • Reliably save text after using dictation without pressing any key (iOS 8)
  • Improved handling of background patterns/images to establish compatibility with iOS 8 (this breaks compatibility with Notebooks 6, but only when using custom background images or patterns)
  • Avoid corrupted voice memos if device locks down during recording.
  • eBook creation takes better care of special characters in document titles (& and # especially)
  • On iPhone, the delete and info buttons have changed positions to make it harder to accidentally delete items.
  • New, centered alert sheet when deleting items.
  • Formatted Markdown documents can now be printed correctly.
  • Converting Markdown documents to PDF reliably embed images.
  • Refined document themes (you can get the previous “default theme” from the download area on our website)

Notebooks 7.2.7

  • a reported crash that might happen when editing the title of documents is fixed
  • when inserting images from the album, photos not yet downloaded from iCloud are not selectable
  • completing a repeating task with special characters in its title works as expected
  • saved webarchives can be opened in Safari again on iOS 8
  • when Notebooks is closed, the current document reliably saves its current offset
  • Notebooks now shows URLs and email addresses as clickable links by default (can be turned off in settings)
  • several interface improvements, for iOS 8 especially

Notebooks 7.2.6

When installed on a device with iOS 8 for the first time, Notebooks now asks the user for permission to show notifications. Without permission, Notebooks will not be able to show notifications and task badges.

This update contains the latest TextExpander API, which fixes the issue that the last character of a snippet remains visible.

Notebooks 7.2.5

  • addresses a rare crash during WebDAV sync,
  • avoids reappearing empty books during Dropbox sync,
  • reliably updates the due task counts for smart book after reverting to “don’t look ahead”,
  • improves the display of tab-indented lists in plain text,
  • improves the reliability of the passcode view, especially unter iOS 8,
  • converts relative links Notebooks internal links more carefully,
  • adds “.Rmd” as supported file type,
  • enables Markdown DivQuotes even when automatically appending spaces at the end of each line,
  • correctly updates a document’s modification date in the preview during sync and after editing,
  • correctly shows the preview text for A-Z and Custom sort orders,
  • fixes a crash when setting due date or creation date on iOS 8,
  • addresses an issue when completing repeating tasks on iOS 8,
  • adds UNDO and REDO Buttons to the selection of extra keyboard keys on iPhone,
  • addresses the sort order of contexts (in the smart book).

Notebooks 7.2.4

iPhone on iOS 8: when top level book is protected, unlocking Notebooks now correctly displays its contents again

Notebooks 7.2.3

This update fixes the crash on startup or when opening a document on iOS 8 (in case you used the recommended workaround, you can now switch the iOS time format back to 12 hours).

Other fixes

  • Insert image from camera works as expected (iOS 8)
  • Inserting the current position works more reliably; on iOS 8, you need to allow Notebooks to access the current position (in iOS settings)
  • Synchronization with SyncDocs no longer terminates unexpectedly (iOS 8)
  • Documents show correct sync state when “sync system files” is turned off
  • iPhone: when the top level book is protected, unlocking Notebooks did not reveal any documents. This has been fixed.

Notebooks 7.2.1

This update fixes several issues reported by our users:

  • Nervous scrolling behavior when editing formatted documents
  • Jumping to Prev/Next search result
  • Protected items display reliably again
  • Printing is enabled on iOS 8
  • Timestamps and inserting images work again on iOS 7

Notebooks 7.2


  • Support for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus
  • iOS 8 Compatibility
  • New “Edit” actions in search results and smart books: move, delete, create eBook, and more
  • “Copy Link” action creates links to any section in formatted documents
  • New “Compile Documents” option, which creates one formatted documents from selected books and documents
  • “Create eBook” allows selection of documents and books
  • “Merge Notes” has been replaced by “Archive Documents”; format is chosen automatically based on selected documents
  • Option to open Markdown documents (.md) as plain text
  • Option to select which emphasis character Notebooks should use for Markdown (_ or *)
  • Option to show Creation or Modification date in document’s preview; depends on selected sort order.

Misc Improvements

  • Books open much faster due to new caching mechanism (can be turned off)
  • Updated (and added back) yellow background patterns
  • Added “Courier” to list of fonts
  • “.taskpaper” is now an editable file type
  • Allow search for strings with enclosing spaces like ” note “
  • Added support for “notebooks:///” links, which are handled like “notebooks://show”
  • Much improved Markdown formatting in plain text
  • Sort order of due tasks has been reverted: latest on top, oldest at bottom
  • “Align lists in plain text” option is active by default
  • Documents are marked “out of sync” when attributes are changed


  • Info View: make sure that color label does not “walk up”
  • Fixed an issue when searching contents of smart books
  • Correctly handle umlauts in internal links
  • Sort order settings for Contexts are sticky
  • Context tags are not extracted from “source code” files (to avoid ambiguity)
  • When extracting tasks from Markdown document, always use plain text as reference
  • When marking a task as done, correctly adapt the cell’s background color
  • Selecting a voice memo while recording brings up pause/stop dialog
  • When inserting current position, correctly escape spaces in URL
  • Avoid “No Connection to Dropbox” messages when using auto sync in Airplane mode
  • WebDAV sync: fixed a crash when syncing huge hierarchies of books and documents

Notebooks 7.1.1

  • Correctly display Hebrew and Arabic plain text in right to left alignment. Mixed languages are supported as well.
  • Fixed issue related to adding photos from the Camera Roll.
  • Correctly open Notebooks links that appear in the footer of the info page.
  • Updated document styles to reduce margins when printing.

Notebooks 7.1


  • Dark Theme option.
  • Setting to hide document icons.
  • Setting to show filename extension in list.
  • Display Email (elm) messages as HTML (embedded images are not yet shown).
  • New option to enable “live formatting” of Markdown syntax.
  • Support for MultiMarkdown “backtick notation”
  • Support for TaskPaper’s “@done” style notation.
  • Send to 2Do
  • Added php as editable file type
  • New option to Share document or selection via Messages, Twitter, Facebook, Mail
  • Keyboard shortcuts for plain text documents:
    • cmd-D inserts date stamp
    • cmd-T inserts time stamp
    • cmd-W show/hide word counter
  • Keyboard shortcuts for formatted documents:
    • cmd-K … strike through
    • cmd-T … timestamp
    • cmd-D … date stamp
    • cmd-Enter … stop editing
    • cmd-1-4 … heading 1-4 (title, subtitle, heading 1, heading 2)
    • cmd-0 … default style
    • cmd-r … insert horizontal divider (Rule)
    • cmd-W show/hide word counter


  • “Add selection to Inbox” correctly uses whole selection instead of just the first line.
  • Improved layout for image editing on iPad.
  • Now accepting search terms with a single character in all languages.
  • List of search results now shows document preview (if preview lines are enabled in current book).
  • Typewriter layout shows darker background.
  • WebDAV sync: imported files take modification date reported from server.
  • Enabled sort option for contexts (smart books).
  • Word counter: tap to show/hide, touch and hold to change between word/character count.


  • Corrected “jumpy” behavior when editing long documents.
  • Changing a task’s state from “due tasks calendar view”.
  • Improved error messages when documents cannot be loaded.
  • No more freeze when opening contexts while editing abstract in Info.
  • Pasting webarchive from Evernote no longer causes freeze.
  • Dropbox sync reliably stops syncing system files when option it turned off.
  • Solved issue when inserting multiple full size photos.


  • FIX Info: when changing a document’s title on iPad/fullscreen, navbar title was not updated
  • InfoView: when checking last sync date, look at date only and ignore “seen last time”
  • IMPR: when creating/editing a plain markdown document, make sure it is auto synced
  • FIX: auto syncing an “unsynced” book correctly removes the “never synced before” header now.
  • Attempt to enable autocorrection in HTML; not working reliably yet
  • FIX – title of note (navbar): after tapping note’s title, the title no longer adapted when switching note
  • FIX: Highlighted search results activate auto hyphenation and disable text resize
  • FIX: when setting a note’s due date from tap&hold button, set button’s state to not.selected to ensure that icon is correctly updated
  • IMFR Combine Documents: be more careful about due and done dates; show either or, but never both
  • ItemInfo: show summary in a table cell instead of a header view
  • Book view’s toolbar buttons are now real UIBarButtonItems, so their color fades when they are inactive; was not the case so far
  • FIXed switch in setBGColor dialog (received too many events…)
  • FIX: when replacing internal links, skip message: links
  • Trying to fix reported crash when grabbing web page
  • FIX: show correct top inset after editing Markdown documents when header hides automatically

Notebooks 7.0.1


  • Successfully import Quickstart Guide from “Getting Started” document.
  • Recording voice memos on 64-bit devices works as expected.
  • Editing formatted documents in fullscreen always keeps cursor visible.
  • Unzip keeps original modification dates for folders and documents.
  • Unzip successfully extracts archives created with Winzip.
  • Create eBook embeds images more reliably.
  • Create eBook correctly handles links to Notebooks documents.


  • Insert current location uses decreased accuracy if needed to avoid “unable to get location” error message.
  • The contents of saved bookmarks (pages that are downloaded on demand) is searchable.
  • On iPhone, formatted documents now have a strikethrough button.
  • Dropbox auto sync: “sync top level” is active by default.
  • Dropbox quick sync triggers sync when Dropbox is reachable, not only on WiFi.
  • Avoid accidental sync conflicts for combined Markdown documents.

Notebooks 7.0 (iOS 7 and above)


  • Create eBooks from the currently selected documents or from the current book and all of its contents
  • Compile selected documents or the selected book and all of its contents into one single, formatted document.
  • Improved Markdown highlighting: instead of using colors, Notebooks now applies text formats. – For performance reasons, highlighting is inactive while your are typing, but is activated as soon as you hide the keyboard.
  • A new action Quick sync Dropbox to sync just the current document.
  • New option to set line spacing for documents. On iOS 7, the default line spacing for plain text is rather narrow, which makes test hard to read. Notebooks now uses a line spacing of 1.1 by default, but you are free to change that in the range of 1 to 2 (single to double).
  • When using external keyboard, the following keyboard shortcuts are now supported
    • cmd-B – Markdown bold
    • cmd-I – Markdown italic
    • cmd-K – Markdown struck through (“k” because the same key is available in NB/Mac)
    • cmd-U – HTML underline
    • cmd-T – insert timestamp
    • cmd-return – stop editing (like tapping “Done” button)

Notebooks 6.1.2 (2013-10)

Another minor update to fix a few issues on devices running on iOS 7.

  • The crashes when opening a book’s info are fixed.
  • The progress bar during synchronization is back again.
  • Synchronization with SyncDocs has been restored.
  • Pinch & zoom for text has been improved (especially when using indented lists or Markdown highlighting).
  • The word counter no longer disappears.
  • Tasks’ due dates default to “today” again.
  • Typing an external keyboard’s eject key to show and hide the onscreen keyboard or rotating the device while using an external keyboard no longer leaves you with an incomplete layout.

Notebooks 6.1.1 (2013-09-25)

This update provides several compatibility improvements and corrections especially for iOS 7.

  • Integration with TextExpander works again
  • In formatted documents, the extra keyboard options work as expected (timestamps, photos, paragraph formats etc.)
  • The popup menus for format, color and highlighting appear at the correct position
  • When defining extra keyboard keys it could have happened that a key is assigned to the wrong set. This has been corrected.
  • On iOS 5, editing formatted documents has been restored.

Notebooks 6.1 (2013-09-18)


  • You can now define multiple sets of extra keyboard keys
  • These sets of keys are shown as one scrollable list above the keyboard; just swipe left or right to move from one set to the next.
  • There is a new setting “Require Passcode Immediately”; turn that off to avoid code entry when leaving Notebooks for less that 30 seconds.

Improvements, Corrections

  • Dropbox sync: when downloading a document, set its modified date to the modified date reported from Dropbox.
  • “Save as Markdown” had reversed the strong and em tags; this is corrected.
  • Several improvements for Markdown highlighting.
  • When inserting images, the preferred size is correctly applied.
  • Before opening a link from a formatted document, keyboard is hidden.
  • When run on iOS 7, the progress sheet is reliably dismissed after manual synchronization.
  • More changes to enhance iOS 7 compatibility.

Notebooks 6.0.1 (2013-08-15)


  • Convert multiple combined Markdown documents to plain .md (Edit Multiple)
  • Action to save current combined Markdown as plain .md from note view
  • Copy Markdown and Copy Plain Text available from Duplicate/Copy menu
    • Copy Markdown puts the Markdown code of the current document on the clipboard (available for HTML or Markdown documents)
    • Copy Plain Text puts the plain text of the current document on the clipboard
  • Paste as Markdown is a new option in the Cut/Copy/Paste menu. After copying formatted text in NB or another app, this action pastes a Markdownified version of the formatted snippet
  • Markdownify now converts definition lists
  • More complete and correct Markdown highlighting

Corrections, Fixes

  • Converting plain text to combined MD did not delete txt version of the document
  • Context tags: when removing all available tags, NB no longer repopulates with the default tags
  • Dropbox: reload current document after downloading its plist during auto sync
  • Fixed an occasional crash when opening “Go to…” menu
  • Fixed playback of embedded YouTube videos (iPad)
  • Repeating tasks now offer a better range of values to select from
  • Send to Organize:Pro improved


  • added Source Code Pro font

Notebooks 6 (2013-07-27)

Improved Task Management

  • Repeating Tasks
    • Set tasks to repeat at regular intervals, either “when due” or “when done”
    • Set details in task’s info
  • Automatically extract tasks from document after editing (you no longer need to do that manually)
    • Activate in settings
    • Option to save these tasks in your default inbox
    • Option to add a default due date (“today”)
    • Extract and assign context tags from tasks if available
  • The task state icon is now available from the navigation bar, too
    • Tap that icon to toggle the task
    • Tap and hold the icon to quickly set or change due date and alarm time
  • Alert time and repeat details are always visible in a task’s info, so there is no need to set a due date first; you can immediately set an alarm time or the repeat details

Automatically extract Contexts from a document’s Body or Abstract

  • Assign a context by adding it to the body or abstract of the document; examples: @home, #todo
  • Assign due date through tags like @20130704 or @2013-07-04
  • Remove a context by deleting it from the body or abstract
  • The list of available contexts is managed automatically, too
  • Context tags can still be assigned manually through “Info”
  • Activated in settings

Editing Enhancements (Plain Text)

  • Option to indent lists in plain text (iOS6)
  • Option to highlight Markdown syntax and HTML code (iOS6) – this makes Notebooks an even better Markdown editor
  • Correct tab indentation for numbered lists
  • ‘>’ is handled like a list character (like -, * or •)
  • Support for ‘…’ (ellipsis) as extra key
  • “Open in…” with text selected sends the selection to another app

Improved Markdown Support

  • “.md” is now a now document type (news to be enabled in settings) which is saved as plain text but displayed as formatted HTML (the desktop version of Notebooks currently shows these documents as plain text; this will change with the next update)
  • Documents with extensions .md, .markdown and .text are handled the same way: displayed as formatted HTML, edited and saved as plain text
  • The new Markdownify action converts HTML to Markdown
  • Option to disable Combined Markdown, which then produces .md documents instead of .html
  • Setting to convert existing Combined Markdown to .md after editing
  • The BIUS keyboard buttons can now insert and remove Markdown formatting characters
  • Correctly handle trailing hash (#) for headers
  • Tables: empty trailing row is automatically removed


All buttons and actions are not correctly labeled and a couple of issues related to Voiceover are fixed. Notebooks is now much better usable with Voiceover turned on.

Enhanced User Interface

  • Flat design for toolbar and buttons; this design is active by default, but can be turned off in settings
  • The most important actions for books are now directly accessible from buttons
  • Info view shows/hides in a less distracting way
  • iPad: Temporarily hiding the left column with a two finger tap on iPad works much smoother and is less distracting
  • iPad: Changing from fullscreen to column view (and v.v.) in settings no longer requires a restart
  • iPad: Typewriter layout for editable documents now preserves correct aspect ratio
  • A new option to always edit in full screen mode
  • New default font for documents (Source Sans Pro)
  • Option to use the globally selected font for the list of books/documents, too
  • Dropbox sync: pull down table of books&documents to sync the current book (shallow sync)

Misc Improvements

  • Search remembers last selected search scope
  • When asked for passcode, keyboard can be activated by tapping any of the code fields
  • Improved handling of Notebooks internal links
  • Correct handling of links to protected items when NB is locked
  • iPad: Sketches are further improved
  • Voice Memos start recording immediately
  • Option to use HTML instead of webarchives (New from Pasteboard)
  • Inserting current location adds a Google Maps preview in addition to the coordinates
  • Added .fountain as editable document format – shown and edited as plain text only, Notebooks does not (yet?) perform any conversion
  • Show “Abstract” and “Read Only” is available for all document types
  • Setting to disable pinch&zoom to resize text in plain text documents
  • After opening an external link from a formatted document, the BACK button appears immediately
  • Send to … Organize:Pro
  • Updated “Default Theme”

Various Fixes

  • Avoid “creeping slowdown” when repeatedly showing keyboard for formatted documents
  • “Hide Done Tasks” could have accidentally deleted embedded images during Dropbox sync
  • Playing movies in full screen
  • Many more minor improvements and fixes

Notebooks 5.2.2 (2013-04-08)

This update corrects a video playback issue.

Notebooks 5.2.1 (2013-04-04)


  • Extra Buttons for rich text are back on iOS 6
  • Extract tasks from rich text documents
  • Voice Memos are now recording in background
  • Dropbox: warning when illegal characters appear in titles

Solved Issues

  • Opening Recent Items with 0 elements
  • Inserting/deleting first/last task in a list containing hidden done tasks
  • Deleting first line (title) of a Markdown document
  • Correctly detect numbered lists in plain text
  • iPhone: autorotation after moving multiple items


  • Suppress unnecessary error messages
  • Corrections for BIUS/Highlight popup menu in rich text
  • Typewriter layout only for editable documents (other documents appear full screen)
  • Pinch & zoom enabled for imported HTML documents (disabled for editable documents)
  • Added “Inconsolata” as custom font

Notebooks 5.2 (2013-02-27)

Documents / Editing

  • Plain text: type return on an empty line to outdent the list (instead of terminating list)
  • Plain text: fixed an issue with indented, numbered lists
  • Rich text: TAB key on external keyboard now indents list or the current section
  • Rich text: timestamp appends a trailing space
  • Markdown: support for alternative definition lists (
  • Markdown: option to use markdown strictly, which no longer automatically appends ” ” at the end of each line to enforce a line break. It is less convenient this way, but that is the standard.
  • Current location: correctly prefix longitude with leading zeroes
  • Notebooks now accepts all URL schemes when inserting links (not only http or https)
  • Fixed: embedded images taken with the built in camera now appear correctly rotated when viewed on a computer
  • Fixed: no more crash after copying from a PDF
  • Fixed: no more crash when inserting an image into a rich text document from the Camera Roll
  • Fixed: tapping Done on a named, blank note no longer crashes
  • Fixed: missing images in converted PDF
  • Fixed: keep Markdown text intact after changing document style

Lists / Books

  • Performance improvements for long task lists
  • Option to show documents above books


  • Remedy for servers having problems with special characters. In case your server is unable to synchronize due to special characters or umlauts, turn on “Use Precomposed Strings” in Notebooks’ WebDAV settings and all should be fine.


  • Solved an issue where special characters (umlauts) in titles could lead to unwanted deletion of a document
  • Check for empty Dropbox folder more carefully bevore issuing a warning
  • With Dropbox auto sync on, moving documents with embedded images now works more reliably

New Settings

  • Show list of documents above list of books
  • Disable device’s auto lock while Notebooks is running (keep the device from falling asleep)
  • Use Markdown Strictly
  • Autodetect lists in plain text (is ON by default)
  • When indenting lists in plain text, option to insert TAB or four spaces


  • Updated style sheets provide better support for printing and PDF conversion
  • Slightly reordered document’s action menu
  • Color corrections for “Classic” interface style
  • Recent Items: show parent book in preview
  • Fixed: Lock orientation for iPhone