Create Voice Memos

  • Select “Voice Memo” from a book’s add menu
  • Notebooks prepares a new empty voice note, adds the record/pause button to the book’s toolbar and immediately starts recording
  • Tap the record button to pause; tap again to continue
  • While recording, you can freely move around in Notebooks and type other notes.
  • Touch and hold the record button to end the session

Voice memos are listed as documents in a book. When opened, a voice memo is presented with audio controls to start, pause or stop playing. The action menu provides the usual options.

Embedded Voice Memos

To embed a voice memo into a document, copy the memo’s link from the action menu and insert that link into a Markdown or formatted document via the insert link option (available from the ••• button). Especially in a formatted document, this allows you to listen to the recorded memo and simultaneously type in that same note, which is convenient to extract written notes from a recorded lecture, for example.