Notebooks for Mac

Start creating documents with styles, attachments, tables and checklists, or drop any kind of document into Notebooks. File them in as many nested books as you need to structure your projects and details. Add task lists or simple checklists, divide large projects into nested sub projects, which makes them easier to handle, cross-reference into your reference library – which may be any book or document in Notebooks – and Notebooks for Mac may soon become the central repository for everything you want to keep close at hand.

Notebooks for Mac provides all the tools you need to concentrate on your work and be productive – on your Mac. Formatted documentsplain text and Markdown, the fullscreen modes, dark mode, multiple tabbed windows, breadcrumbing navigation, smart books, word count or the option to compile multiple fragments into a single document or eBook are just a few examples.

Of course you can synchronize the contents of Notebooks between your iPad, iPhone and your Mac, so you can seamlessly work on your documents on any device.

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Notebooks for Mac 3

Notebooks for Mac 3 is a major update with countless improvements and innovations. It is a free upgrade for users of Notebooks for Mac 2.

New in Notebooks for Mac 3

  • The new versions welcome you with a fresh App Icon, refined book and document icons and a modernized appearance.
  • With a simple gesture you can mark books and documents as Favorites, which adds them to a new smart book at Notebooks’ top level. Favorites are like a shortcut to items you need to access frequently, or a quick collection of items you want to temporarily group together for creating an eBook or a PDF, for example.
  • You can pin documents to the top of the list, independent of the selected sort order. On an iPad, Notebooks can automatically display a book’s first pinned document as index or default document.
  • It is easier than ever to select any book within Notebooks as Default Inbox. The inbox can appear as smart book, so even a deeply nested inbox is quickly available from the top level. Notebooks also uses different inboxes for different storage locations.
  • Internal link and Wiki links resolve even smarter. With just a title or part of a filename given, Notebooks can find the target, no matter where it is located. So you are no longer forced to enter the full path – although you still can.
  • Notebooks now supports Automatic Link Management. This makes sure that links don’t break when you move or rename books and documents.
  • Documents can have Backlinks, which makes it easy to see which other documents are referencing or mentioning them.
  • To enter the path for a link, hit or tap the TAB button for a list of auto complete suggestions. This makes it much easier to add the path to any document within Notebooks.
  • The same auto complete is available for context tags, too.
  • If you are into screen writing you will be happy to hear that Notebooks now supports Final Draft documents. They display in a perfectly rendered layout, including scene numbers.

The full list of changes and additions is available in a dedicated article.

Notebooks for Mac 3 requires macOS 10.12 or later, and for best experience, Spotlight search should be enabled on the drive that is holding your documents.

For more information about previous versions, please refer to the version history.

Tips how to get started with Notebooks for Mac and more introductory info is available in an extra article as well.

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