New in Notebooks 12.3.1

  • On iOS 17, avoid that the Trash might be emptied immediately, independent of your settings when using iCloud. For more details, see below.
  • Improved conflict handling when synchronizing documents with iCloud.
  • Email messages correctly display email attachments with special characters in their filenames.
  • PDF documents more reliably display current page number on iOS 17.
  • Document Themes correctly align lists in tables.
  • Always save creation date for new document and make sure that date synchronizes to other devices.
  • Add a few more timestamp formats.
  • More adjustments and corrections.

Notebooks 12.3.1 is available on the App Store. If you have any questions or feedback, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

Details about Notebooks’ new Trash

On iOS 17, Notebooks is no longer allowed to directly access the system trash (the Recently Deleted section on iCloud Drive) so is not possible to review and restore deleted items from within Notebooks. Moreover, there are situations where iOS 17 immediately and permanently deletes items regardless of your individual settings. This is not our intended behavior, so Notebooks now manages deleted items on its own. You won’t notice any difference, and your deleted items are still accessible from the smart book Trash.
Internally, Notebooks moves deleted items into a hidden book .NBTrash , located at Notebooks‘ top level. You usually don’t see this book unless you are using older versions of Notebooks on older devices. The contents of this books synchronizes between iOS devices, so you can review and restore items on any iOS device. On a Mac, you can view this folder in Finder by turning on “invisible files” (shift-command-period).

Notebooks 12.3.1 for iPhone and iPad