iOS 5 becomes publicly available today, and we guess that many users want to know if the current version of Notebooks plays well together with the new iOS.

The short answer is: Yes … but there are a few glitches, nothing serious

To be more precise, this is what what we have found out (and were not able to fix short term)

  • When viewing PDF documents on the iPhone or iPad, Notebooks currently does not remember the last opened position. This is due to some fundamental changes in the iOS.

  • When using the “split” or “undocked” keyboard on the iPad, Notebooks does not receive enough “feedback” from the iOS and leaves the “Tap again to Edit” message visible. Also, it will not display the extra keys, if you have the enabled. So at the moment, we would recommend to use standard keyboard.

  • When returning to split view from fullscreen view on the iPad, the right window will be empty and you have to select the document again in the left column.

We will try to fix these issues as soon as we can, and should you experience any other usually behavior, please let us know.

We have posted the same info on our FAQs, so maybe there are additional interesting comments, too)

Notebooks 4.2.x (2.1.x) and iOS 5