Notebooks 8.1.3 has just been released on the App Store. It addresses a few issues on iOS 9 and on iPhone 6S/6S+, and it also contains a few more general improvements:

  • iPhone 6S and 6S+ with 3D Touch: a simple tap to edit a document works as expected again.
  • iOS 9: Locking device orientation to landscape works as expected (iPhone).
  • iOS 9: Reenable BIU keyboard shortcuts and make them “discoverable”.
  • iOS 9: Sending documents by mail no longer causes Notebooks to crash.
  • iOS 9: avoid potential crash on startup.
  • Inserting photo into empty, formatted document correctly saves document.
  • “Export to iTunes” no longer launches WiFi Sharing.
  • Converting formatted documents to Markdown (Markdownify) works as expected.
  • Various UI enhancements.

Support for multitasking on iOS 9 is still work in progress, but we hope to deliver that very soon.

Notebooks 8.1.3 for iOS improves compatibility with iOS 9 and iPhone 6S