Another update has just been released on the App Store. Here is what’s new:


  • When you remove a document from a context with a swipe gesture you now have the option to remove it from all contexts.
  • It is now possible to select multiple documents and assign or remove context tags to all of them in one step (via edit multiple).
  • The “Show Task as Document” setting can be toggled for multiple items (via edit multiple).
  • Full text search now includes notes and free text annotations in PDF documents.


  • When importing documents from other apps via “Share…” or “Open in…”, Notebooks detects duplicates and ask whether to overwrite the original or create a new document.
  • When importing content into Notebooks from Safari via the Share sheet, the original URL is stored in the document’s info.
  • The “Reset Format” action for formatted documents more carefully removes custom styles of pasted snippets.
  • The contents of smart books is now sorted by document title instead of document path.


  • Fixed an issue that could have shown duplicate due tasks when the title of the task list contained special characters.
  • Unlocking with Touch ID avoids deadlock if Touch ID has been disabled system wide but is still enabled in Notebooks.
Notebooks 8.4 for iPad and iPhone