The next update of Notebooks for iOS devices has just been released on the App Store. It mainly contains stability improvements, but also includes a few convenient enhancements.

  • As more and more users are activating the optional PDF Reader and store an increasing number of PDF documents in Notebooks, we now decided to show a thumbnail of a PDF’s first page instead of the generic PDF icon.
  • When importing shared items, Notebooks extracts context tags from the body of plain text.
  • WebDAV sync is more tolerant about non standard date formats used by some servers.
  • Dropbox sync: when exclude top level documents is turned on, top level books are no longer ignored.
  • New timestamp option: yyMMdd (like 160302)
  • Multiple interface refinements and stability improvements, especially regarding split view and multitasking.

Thank you for all your feedback and your great App Store reviews.

Notebooks 8.2.2 for iPad and iPhone