This update has taken us much longer than we expected, but finally, Notebooks (4.2 on iPhone, 2.2 on iPad) is on its way to Apple. We have seen reports that the review process currently takes longer than usual, so let’s be careful and suppose that it might take up to two weeks until the new versions show up on the App Store.

Besides introducing a few very useful enhancements, the update also fixes several issues that were reported. We know that we put your patience to the test and kept you waiting for these fixed very long, and we will do our best to improve that in the future.

As soon as the updates are ready for download, we will post a complete list of what is new and what has changed.

By the way: we have added a few quotes to the user comments section. When we receive feedback like this we know that the time we spend on developing Notebooks is time spent well 🙂


… on its way to the App Store