For Import and Export as well as for synchronization via SyncDocs, Notebooks takes advantage of the zero configuration service Bonjour. This requires a small web server to run on your computer which communicates with your iPhone or iPad. We have decided to support SyncDocs as service, because it is a free download and runs on Mac and Windows equally well. So if you want to exchange documents with your computer with Bonjour, please download the latest version of SyncDocs from their website before you start.

(You are looking for syncdocs, NOT for syncdocs-Java-Client or syncdocs-iPhone. – Also, it is not required that you sign up or register.)

In case you have problems transferring data between Notebooks and SyncDocs, here are a few hints that might help:

  • If Notebooks appears to “hang” during the first import or export, make sure to check “Use user directory for download” in SyncDocs’ settings.
  • If SyncDocs does not show up in the list of available services in Notebooks:
    • Make sure that Notebooks and your computer are connected to the same wireless network
    • In SyncDocs’ settings check “bind to wireless address”
    • Make sure that no firewall or other application blocks incoming traffic for your computer
    • Make sure there is no “.” in SyncDocs’ service name
    • Make sure your iPhone or iPad is NOT connected to your computer via USB
    • If your computer has gone to sleep, quit and relaunch SyncDocs to broadcast the Bonjour service again.
    • If you have other services running that use Bonjour to communicate with your iPhone/iPad, try turning them off (WePrint Server, for example).
    • Test if you can reach SyncDocs through Safari: go to https://address:port, where address is the number that appears in SyncDocs’ settings along with “bind to wireless network” and port appears under “Port”. – If Safari does not display a valid page from SyncDocs, your router seems to block Bonjour traffic.
      Here are two screenshots to visualize what indicates a valid connection:

More information at the SyncDocs website.