Circus Ponies Notebook keeps its documents in a closed environment and in a custom document formats, which makes it difficult to export and reuse the data in other applications. There are a few options, though:

  1. You can export your documents from CPN as a structure of html files. You can then import this structure into Notebooks, and the html documents are still editable.
  2. You can export the contents from CPN as PDF; while this keeps all the formatting and attachment, the result won’t be editable in Notebooks.
  3. The same is true for export as .doc; you can view these documents in Notebooks, but you cannot edit them (although you can edit them in other applications)

In the end, a mixture of these three might yield the best result.

If you find a better strategy for migrating your documents to Notebooks, please let us know so we can share your experience here.

Migrate Circus Ponies Notebook Documents