To create todo lists you have two options:

  • Create a new book and turn on the switch labeled Show as Task List.
  • Open a book’s info page and turn on the switch labeled Show as Task List.

The behavior of the book remains very much unchanged, except that documents are displayed as tasks. You can still put any type of document onto the list. Task lists are displayed with a modified book icon and show a badge with the number of open and due tasks. Just like books, task lists can be nested. This is a convenient way of breaking projects down into more manageable sub projects. At each level, a list’s badge counts the open tasks of all sub projects.

To change a task’s state, tap on its icon. You can do that in multiple places:

  • in the task list without opening the task itself
  • in the list of search results
  • in the document’s navigation bar, when open and view the task

To quickly mark an open task done, just tap and hold the task icon.

To change a task’ due date and reminder,

  • open the task’s info and set due date, reminder and/or repeat interval.
  • in the navigation bar with the task open, touch and hold the icon representing the current state for a quick entry dialog.
How to Create Todo Lists