Notebooks can automatically synchronize with Dropbox, which hugely improves user experience. Here is some background information and a few tips.

  • When made active, Notebooks auto sync (we call it delta sync) regularly checks Dropbox for changes and imports them.
  • This delta sync looks at the whole Notebooks hierarchy on Dropbox, not just he current book. So even if a change was detected in some nested book, it is synced.
  • To initialize delta sync, perform a manual sync from Notebooks’ top level (pull down the list of books and documents until a progress indicator appears; release the list, and allow Notebooks to perform a full sync).
  • Automatic sync takes place when you open Notebooks and when you close it, but also every 60 seconds while you are using it.
  • If your device supports background refresh and you have enabled it for Notebooks, auto sync takes place even while your device is sleeping or you are using another app.
  • When auto sync is not active, you can use the “pull to sync” gesture (pull down the list of books and documents) to trigger a delta sync.
  • Changes you make in Notebooks are exported immediately or during the next delta sync.
  • Delta sync tries to not interfere with your work. You can continue creating or editing documents while the sync is taking place, except when you are trying to edit a document that Notebooks is about to sync.
  • When you turn off autos sync or don’t have an internet connection, Notebooks remembers what you do change and syncs these documents during the next delta sync.
  • Protected items are exported only when Notebooks is unlocked, but they are imported even when Notebooks is locked.
  • You can selectively disable synchronization for specific books or documents. These items will never be synced.
  • If Notebooks reports a timeout during sync, just retry.
Dropbox Autosync Best Practice