Keyboard Shortcuts (iOS)

Keyboard Shortcuts When an external keyboard is connected to your iPad of iPhone, Notebooks provides a set of convenient set of keyboard shortcuts. Keyboard Shortcuts for all Document Types Shortcut Function cmd-T insert time stamp cmd-D insert current date cmd-W … Read more

How to Disable Typographic Quotes

Notebooks’ Markdown converter by default uses typographic quotes and dashes, but there is a switch in Notebooks’ settings Write & Edit > Markdown to change that. When turned off, quotes will appear as “xyz” instead of „xyz“.

Use Mathematic Expressions in Documents (MathJax)

MathJax is a display engine for complex mathematic formulas. Notebooks supports MathJax in combination with Markdown. To activate MathJax support for your Markdown documents, just download and install Notebooks’ Default Theme with MathJax Support. Alternatively you can add the following … Read more

Can I Use a Different Markdown Engine?

Notebooks uses Discount as markdown engine. Currently there is no option to switch engines, but we do have that on our todo list and are planning to provide at least one alternative.