How to Use Mermaid in Markdown

With Mermaid you can create charts and diagrams with just a few simple text commands. Mermaid perfectly integrates with Markdown, so it is very easy to embed Mermaid charts into Notebooks documents. When embedding a Mermaid diagram in Markdown, make

How to Disable Typographic Quotes

Notebooks’ Markdown converter by default uses typographic quotes and dashes, but there is a switch in Notebooks’ settings Write & Edit > Markdown to change that. When turned off, quotes will appear as “xyz” instead of „xyz“.

Use Mathematic Expressions in Documents (MathJax or KaTeX)

MathJax and KaTeX are display engines for complex mathematic formulas, and Notebooks supports both in combination with Markdown. The simplest option to use MathJax or KaTeX is by selecting one of Notebooks‘ pre-installed document themes which include all the necessary scripts

Can I Use a Different Markdown Engine?

Notebooks uses Discount as default markdown converter. Starting with Notebooks 10 for iOS and Notebooks 2 for macOS, we provide MultiMarkdown as alternative. You can globally select your preferred converter in Notebooks‘ settings, but you can change the converter for each