I Don’t Get Notifications for Due Tasks

So the list of due task correctly shows up in the today widget, Notebooks’ icon shows the correct number of due tasks, but no alert is played at the alert time. What is wrong? First of all, the alert time

An Intro to Notebooks’ Task Management

When you start using Notebooks’ task management after using apps that are exclusively focused on getting things done, you may be surprised by Notebooks’ flexibility: You can turn regular books into a task lists, and all items you add to

How to Integrate Task Lists in Regular Documents (iOS)

In Notebooks, todo lists are books which display their contents as clickable tasks. That implies that each task is its own document, and it is not immediately visible how to manage task list in regular documents. – However, Notebooks is

How to Create Todo Lists

To create todo lists you have two options: Create a new book and turn on the switch labeled Show as Task List. Open a book’s info page and turn on the switch labeled Show as Task List. The behavior of