Extra Keyboard Keys (iOS)

Notebooks provides an optional scrollable row of extra keyboard keys attached to the top of the on-screen keyboard. These customizable keys (or rather sets of keys) make editing much more efficient and comfortable by providing quick access to keys that

How to Disable Typographic Quotes

Notebooks’ Markdown converter by default uses typographic quotes and dashes, but there is a switch in Notebooks’ settings Write & Edit > Markdown to change that. When turned off, quotes will appear as “xyz” instead of „xyz“.

Remove the Background Pattern from Plain Text Documents

To disable the background pattern in plain text you just need to select a plain white background color instead of the pattern. You can make the change in Notebooks’ settings (paper type & colors) as general default, but you can

Can I Change the Font of a Single Word in a Formatted Document?

While changing the font of a single word is of course possible (and many apps allow that), we deliberately removed this option in Notebooks for a simple reason: assigning arbitrary styles to elements makes it increasingly difficult to maintain formatted

Where is the Ruled Background in Formatted Documents?

Formatted documents – in contrast to plain text – use uneven line spacing. A header line, for example, is higher than a line in a regular paragraph. Displaying that uneven text on an evenly ruled background does not look good,

Strange Symbols When Inserting Photos in Plain Text

Plain text – by definition – cannot display formatted text or multimedia elements. When you use any of the formatting buttons or try to insert an image into a plain text document, Notebooks adds Markdown code, which may look strange