Notebooks appNotebooks 10.1.1 for iPad and iPhone contains corrections and improvements.

  • Switch PDF documents to edit mode with a single tap; now you can use your Apple Pencil for that again. – A two finger tap switches to fullscreen mode.
  • Correctly import videos shared from other apps (like Photos).
  • More reliably extract attachments from email messages and correctly display inline images.
  • Dropbox sync more carefully handles the case that books are renamed from upper- to lowercase.
  • Dropbox sync creates local books and deletes local items much faster than before.
  • Markdown conversion ignores the {{toc}} tag in commented out lines.
  • Address a couple of layout glitches and compatibility issues.

Notebooks 10.1.1 is available on the App Store. Should you run into any issues, please let us know.

Notebooks 10.1.1 for iPad and iPhone